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Качественные двери

Качественные двери

Projectors in recent years are increasingly being used as home devices, sometimes competing seriously with televisions. This is due to several factors. From the installation point of view, it is quite light for the projector, ideally a white wall and a sofa opposite it. Due to the popularity of studio apartments, this is an especially easy-to-implement format. In technical terms, projectors allow you to get an image in a large diagonal - from 100 to 180 inches. The cost of matrices of TVs of similar sizes still exceeds a reasonable frame, and sometimes it is not offered at all. Of course, the flip side is not such good color rendering. However, technologies in projectors are actively developing and under optimal conditions, you can get a picture of good quality. There remains a moment with multimedia support, but here, thanks to the ubiquitous Android, the hands of manufacturers of projection equipment are untied.

The final point of criticism of the projectors may be the complexity of their transportation and installation. In this regard, the XGIMI CC Aurora projector under consideration stands out already among its brothers. This is a compact and ergonomic device in the form of a small cube weighing one and a half kilograms. With a sleek design, the case has everything you need to manage it. On the upper plane are touch buttons for controlling the sound volume and multimedia playback. Above them is a handle for transportation.

On the front side there is a sliding curtain, behind which there is an LED lamp. On the back there are two USB ports and one HDMI for connecting drives and external multimedia sources. There is also an audio jack 3.5 mm. The projector also has its own memory and it has a capacity of 16 GB.

The projector can be turned on using the corresponding button on the complete remote control or simply by sliding the shutter. It also has a built-in JBL audio system with a fairly loud and clear sound, so there is no urgent need to connect external speakers. If you do not open the shutter and turn on the projector, it will work in the mobile speaker mode. Separately, the projector supports karaoke mode.

The device is imprisoned for frequent trips and travels. It is unlikely that he will be taken with him on long trips, but touring between parties and a movie party with friends is definitely possible and convenient. The cubic case is packed in a bag with hard walls. The remote control and power supply are also placed there. The result is a set for a mobile cinema.

The projector also has its own battery. According to our measurements, it lasts for 5-6 hours when watching a movie and for 8-9 hours when listening to music. The indicators declared by the manufacturer for a couple of hours are more ensured by the activation of an energy-saving mode. That is, in any case, a 20,000 mAh battery is enough to watch one or two films.

The projector allows you to display a picture in a maximum diagonal of 180 inches when placed at a distance of 4-5 meters from the wall. It supports automatic focus and trapezoid geometry adjustment. It takes a couple of seconds to align the picture and the function allows you not to fool around with manual adjustment at all. Of course, if the projector is positioned noticeably below the middle of the displayed image, the image may have a trapezoidal shape and then you need to think about the place to install it. You can also adjust the picture in the settings menu. It is not necessary to hang a special shelf or mount on the ceiling. It is possible to do with a tripod for which there is a thread in the base of the case. So the projector can be easily cleaned when it is not needed.

XGIMI CC Aurora is a multimedia projector, which means support for playing files directly from it. For this, the company developed the GMU shell, which operates on the basis of the Android 5.1.1 operating system. The fact that this is not one of the latest versions is not critical, since support for all known formats is implemented and we did not find a single file that the projector could not handle. The projector works with the H.265 codec.

In addition to using storage drives with content, the projector can be connected to Wi-Fi and watch online videos on YouTube, use a browser and download applications. There are even games. Management in them and filling in text fields is implemented using the remote control. You can also connect a keyboard via USB.

Out of the box, you can also view text files using WPS office. In fact, from the point of view of software, there is everything that can be found in the base smartphone. In addition, right in the settings menu there is the opportunity to update the firmware “over the air”.

If the projector was liked in terms of the “projection” part and file support, then not everything is smooth with the software part. The first thing that catches your eye is not the highest quality localization of menu items in Russian. Alternatively, you can enable the English language interface.

Another point is connected with the work of the remote control in the role of a mouse. After pressing the corresponding button, the cursor appears on the screen and you can navigate in the web browser and on the virtual keyboard with the remote control before projection. This method does not work stably, and the program shell of the projector regularly freezes. Sometimes the shell correctly recognizes the input fields and allows you to switch between them using the buttons on the remote control. But in view of the unequal web layout, this is not always the case.

Another oddity was observed with applications, which for some reason require authorization in services that are not officially represented with us. For example, when you start TuneIn, you are asked for a login to enter your Amazon account. It is hoped that the above are flaws in the test sample and will be fixed in the next software updates.

We repeat that everything that is implemented in the XGIMI CC Aurora regarding image output and multimedia playback is excellent. To watch a movie in the entire wall, just slide the lid, insert a USB flash drive and run the file.

There is enough processor and memory to make a multi-gigabyte Blu-ray file run faster than preparing microwave popcorn. Additional functions are more likely a pleasant bonus and, frankly, we do not see an urgent need for them. Therefore, we can’t call the instability of the cursor or the occasional malfunction of the shell in non-standard applications for the projector cons — we cannot.

In terms of control and ergonomics, the projector was also liked. It is compact, well-built and versatile in terms of use cases. The possibility of battery life makes it an interesting option for visiting parties.

The picture quality of the output image is at an excellent level. Of course, she needs a darkened room, but she does not need to observe a full dark one. For such a compact case and a small lamp, the brightness indicator is quite sufficient. And the ability to get a diagonal up to 180 inches diagonal makes this projector a formidable competitor to televisions.

The price for the basic functionality, file omnivorousness and quality of performance are also at a good level and this solution can be safely recommended as an option for watching movies and TV shows at home or at a party.

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